Brown Bag series : mock “sushi”, Korean potatoes, breakfast cookie, yogurt with blueberry compote


While the “sushi” rolls in this box are actually nothing like sushi (other then the shape), I still love them as they make for a nice presentation and great finger food 🙂 Also, this entire box is Gluten Free.

mock “sushi” rolls – I used the same method to make these as real sushi (bamboo mat, seaweed sheet), but filled it with jasmine rice, grilled chicken breast, pickled carrots, and cucumber. It will be served with a simple soy & sesame oil dipping sauce.

Korean braised potatoes – also know as “Gamja Jorim”, these are a little sweet AND salty. I follow this recipe, except cut the potatoes a little smaller and use vinegar in place of the cooking wine, as I usually don’t have any on hand.

yogurt and compote – organic plain yogurt topped with homemade blueberry compote, so easy and delicious!  To make a fruit compote – simply simmer about 1 cup of chopped fruit (berries can be left whole) in a small pot with 1-2 tablespoons of water and a little sugar (I start out with 1 tablespoon).  Add more sugar if needed, berries can be gently masked with a fork or potato masher, and the longer it simmers the thicker it gets.

organic breakfast cookie – here is the recipe I use, with a couple minor adjustments.  I don’t toast the oats, use butter or olive oil in place of the canola oil, omit the nuts (since I usually pack nuts in the lunch already), and skip the cinnamon-sugar dusting.

The other parts of the box contain our favorite non-sorbate prunes and organic roasted/salted cashews, both from Trader Joe’s.

You can find the Ziploc brand lunch box here.  It’s my personal favorite as it’s leak-proof, large enough for adults appetites, and very affordable. The “jumbo” sized silicone muffin cups can be found here. I like these because the height ensures that food doesn’t fall out, as it is just as tall as the ziploc box.

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