Spicy Buffalo Chicken Pizza with Ranch and BBQ Sauce

It goes without saying that pizza is a favorite in our home, especially with a teenager who swears she could live on pizza alone!   I still use the ultra-easy pizza crust I shared a while back, and if you haven’t tried it yet you really should!  Homemade pizza in less time then it takes for delivery, can’t go wrong there.  So this weekend I wanted to bake up a pizza, but didn’t have and of the “usual” toppings on hand.  I was determined though, and then remembered my daughter saying something about a buffalo chicken pizza a while back….and I just happen to have the ingredients on hand!  Well, close enough anyways 😉

So here is what I came up with, which is now a new favorite in the house!  I actually made this pizza 3 times this week (I swear I thought it was only twice!), and here is my favorite version.  Please keep in mind measurements a bit approximate, but the recipe is very forgiving, and don’t let the short list of ingredients fool you, it’s good.  And just a little disclaimer, I’ve never had buffalo chicken pizza before, but my hubby and daughter have and they say it tastes just as good as the restaurant’s.  YUM for less then half the price, gotta love it.


Spicy Buffalo Chicken Pizza with Ranch and BBQ Sauce-1 large pizza

  • 1 large pizza cruststore bought or homemade
  • 1 chicken breast-cubed and seasoned with a little Lawry’s or poultry seasoning salt
  • your preferred hot sauce-like buffalo wing sauce, Louisiana Hot sauce or Tapatio Mexican hot sauce (this is what I used)
  • generous 1/3 cup ranch dressing
  • 3 TBLS sweet BBQ sauce-I used Baby Ray’s
  • 1 1/2 – 2 cups mozzarella cheese-shredded


  • Prep the pizza crust as you normally would and pre-heat the oven to the temp needed.
  • Over medium heat, cook the chicken breast until it is almost done, then add in as much hot sauce as you think you can handle for the last couple of minutes.  Once the chicken is fully cooked, turn off the heat and add in the ranch dressing and BBQ sauce.
  • Spread the chicken mixture evenly over the crust, top with cheese, and cook in the oven until cheese is bubbly and slightly brown.
  • Serve with extra ranch and BBQ sauce if desired.

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