Chinese Take-out “Cashew Chicken” in no time!

A picture of the Cashew Chicken dish taken directly from

A picture of the Cashew Chicken dish taken directly from

Wow, it’s been a while since my last post!  It has been a crazy few weeks, with all of trying to enjoy the last bits of summer before school started, which was today!  Now that we are adjusting back to the “school schedule” that also means earlier dinners, as during the summer we sometimes do not eat until 8pm, which is way too late for the little ones as they are in bed by 9pm.  So I wanted to start the school year off in the right direction, which includes and nice home cooked dinner and not frozen pizza, lol!  I’ve had this recipe for Cashew Chicken in my “must try” pile ever since Jennifer (the author of the posted it.  Boy, am I sorry I waited so long!  It came together so fast and was delicious, even with the omitted ingredients and substitutions I had to make due to what we had available to work with.

I ended up omitting the cashews and green onions as we didn’t have them, and I had to sub in white vinegar for the rice wine vinegar.  I served this with plain steamed broccoli, which was a wonderful compliment to this dish as it is quite saucy and flavorful already 🙂  Oh, and if you happen to like your sauce thick and sticky, just remove the chicken once it is fully cooked and continue to cook the sauce on it’s own.  It will reduce down to a thicker consistency in just a couple minutes, then you can add the chicken back in to re-warm it.


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