An Easy & Quick Handmade Journal

Since joining swap-bot I’ve discovered that I really like journaling!  I find it to be fun, enlightening, and just something I can really lose myself in and express exactly how I feel.   The problem is, I’m left-handed and broke, lol.  Being left-handed means 95% of the journals out there are not very comfortable for me to write in, as the spine always gets in the way.  Being broke means I can’t afford to spend too much on pretty journals!  So, to solve both problems, I decided to MAKE my own journals.  I don’t know anything about book binding or journal making, or any type of special stitch, etc….but I did find something easy that works for me and takes almost no skill at all!

All you need is a paper cutter, hole puncher, narrow ribbon, 2 sheets of scrapbook paper, and plain sheets of paper for writing on.  Simply cut the pages to your desired size, then punch out evenly spaced holes, roughly every 1.25 inches or so.

Because I’m left handed, it’s easiest for me to write on the pages BEFORE the journal is put together.  Plus I think it keeps the journal nice and pages un-creased, all spiffy and new for the recipient!

Once you are ready to put the journal together, simply line up the holes and follow the steps below.

1. Cut a piece of ribbon that is 5 times the height of your journal.  Then lace it thru the BOTTOM hole, leaving an even amount of ribbon on each side.

2. Starting with the top ribbon, start circling it upward, lacing it thru the holes from back to front.  In other words: take the tip of the ribbon, go under the journal, poke it thru the 2nd hole, pull it all the way out thru the front, then repeat the steps until you get to the top.  Leave it there for now.

3. Do the same steps for the back ribbon, but this time you are going from front to back.  So take the tip of the ribbon, go over the front of the journal, poke it thru the 2nd hole, pull it all the way out thru the back, then repeat the steps until you get to the top.

4. Once you are done lacing both sides you can either tie a simple bow, or sometimes I like to repeatedly knot the ribbon tightly for a couple of inches and then leave the ribbon loose.

4 thoughts on “An Easy & Quick Handmade Journal

  1. I’m such a notebooks addicted, I also love to make them and you make it so easy to who can’t make one. I think it looks beautifully. I’m into your swap about the dreams of our lives so I was checking blogs since I also blog.

    Much love,

  2. This is so perfect! My friends and I are having a Christmas party in 2 days, and I needed one more thing for the ‘host’. She said she wanted a journal, but I’m broke! Then I remembered that I had been making fold-able ‘scrapbooks’ with old sparkly scrapbook-card stock paper and was looking for something EXACTLY like this. Everything else you have to sew and glue dry. Thanks so much! This is so perfect!!! Merry Christmas y’all!

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