Our Trip to the Strawberry Patch!

I LOVE strawberry anything!  I like in in desserts, salads, flavored candy, smoothies, you name it.  So this year we decided to go strawberry picking at a locally owned and operated strawberry patch that is just 10 miles down the road (www.strawberrypatchmn.com).  Now, I’ve never been picking before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was actually a lot of fun!  the time FLIES by as you grab one handful of plump and juicy strawberries after another, and quite to my chagrin, it was hard to quit!  I mean, really…isn’t 9 buckets enough??  But then a beautiful bunch of strawberries catches you eye, and you just CAN’T leave them there, can you?!?  Well, and that’s how an hour and a half later my husband, son and I walked away with 50 pounds of berries, lol.

We took them home, cleaned them up, rinsed them, sugared them, then ran them through the smoothie maker to blend.  We then used the spout attachment to pour the strawberries into individual baggies and freeze them for future smoothies and desserts, I may even try jam this year.  Once you get a rhythm down it goes pretty fast!

Here are the boys, hard at work!  We are definitely going to be doing this again next year and hopefully the girls can come, imagine how many pounds we’ll get then!

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