3 x 5 and 2 x 2 Envelope Templates

I LOVE making my own envelopes and at times it’s a bit obsessive, lol.  I find it rather relaxing plus I get to use pretty papers in all sorts of different colors….and just having a box full of them makes me happy 🙂  I try to include a couple with most of my swaps on swap-bot and have gotten a couple requests for the templates I use.  These are the 2 main ones I use, created by me though I’m sure there are tons out there exactly like them!

Though not shown in my templates, I do use a scalloped circle punch to take a “bite” out of the opening, which makes inserting and removing the note card easier.  For the 2 x 2 the “bite” is on both sides equally (punched at the same time), for the 3 x 5 it’s only on the backside, as it has a flap closure.

Happy paper crafting!

3×5 and 2×2 Envelope Templates

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