Memorial Day Meal and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bre!

haha, there always has to be one closing their eyes…

Wow, I believe how fast this school year has flown by…is it time already for the kids to be underfoot all day, everyday?!? I’m not sure I’m ready for that! I usually have lists and schedules and ideas etc….of how to keep them busy, but I haven’t even thought about it yet for this summer! Memorial Day is definitely a “wake-up” call for me to get started though, as the kids only have 1 week left of school.

This Memorial Day is going to be extra special for us though as we are celebrating Breaunna’s (my step-daughter) 18th birthday! Such an important year in any young adult’s life PLUS she just found out that she got a job yesterday! So quite an exciting week for her with more to come, lol. And as a family who takes food seriously, she has picked out her birthday meal to be Frogmore’s Stew, also know as Low Country Boil or Shrimp/Seafood Boil. I’ve made this a couple before and save it for ULTRA special occasions. The kids ask for it quite a bit and fond memories of this dish, but it can be expensive due to all of the seafood. If you don’t like shrimp this is great with pretty much any type of seafood, it’s a very versatile dish.

The ingredients are delicious, the preparation so simple, but best of all….you get to eat it all with your hands! Honestly, I’m not sure which part the kids like more, the taste or method of eating. You basically boil everything in a large pot, drain out all of the broth when it is done coking, then dump it all out onto a table that has been covered in brown paper or newspaper. So no plates or silverware needed, but you better have a good supply of napkins on hand and the BIBS! Don’t forget the bibs!

I pretty much follow the recipe as stated, but we use spicy Italian Sausage from Sam’s Club instead of the kielbasa. Serve this up with a crusty loaf of french bread or garlic bread and you’re all set!

One thought on “Memorial Day Meal and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bre!

  1. Thanks for posting this unique idea here. I still occassionaly check your blog. I had never heard of it and so I checked into it and decided to make it. I read many different recipes for this and decided to go with this one, only tweaked to my own suiting from all the other ones I found. I added crab legs, onion, lemons, and garlic cloves. I also served it onto a newspaper lined table with no plates or utensils. The looks and laughs I got was great! I served melted butter and homemade coctail sauce in individual bowls on the side. Dont forget the bibs, or if like me, you dont have any of those laying around, use aprons. Old towels would do. The napkins will get used.

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