Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Instant Coffee

For anyone that knows me, you KNOW I love a cup of coffee in the morning…sometimes two.  Do I need the caffeine to wake up?  No, not really, in fact most times caffeine makes me sleepy.  However, I love a hot drink in the morning and the smell of Hazelnut coffee dripping, mmm…  But there are days when I’m not willing to wait for fresh brewed and that’s when the instant coffee comes in handy.  Truth be told, I tend to flip back and forth….at times I prefer fresh brewed and then at times I actually PREFER the taste of instant.  Now don’t go crinkling your nose at me, you just haven’t had a GOOD brand of instant coffee yet, that’s why you make faces at the thought of it.

For the longest time now the only instant coffee I would drink is the Vinacafe brand, which is a Vietnamese brand.  You can get this at most Asian grocery stores, it’s sort of a “household” name brand as far as instant coffees go.  There are a few others out there that are popular, but I’ve never ventured into other brands. What for?  I love my Vinacafe and buy like 10 bags at a time (which each have 20 packets in them, haha).  A lot of coffee, I know, but I have to share with my hubby and my teenager loves making the Thai iced coffee with them.  And speaking of those, I’ll take a Thai Iced Coffee any day over an American iced coffee.  Yes, that’s how much  love my Vinacafe.

So getting to my point…I recently had a chance to try the Starbucks “VIA ready brew” Colombian coffee….and my, that is good stuff.  Now I’m not sure if it tastes like a Starbucks coffee from the shop, I’m actually going to risk it and say “no”, only because I actually dislike Starbucks for the most part.  Sorry, I’m a Minnesotan so it’s Caribou Coffee for me all the way baby.  Ok, rivalry aside, I have been to Starbucks at least a 1/2 dozen times and am never pleased with what I get,  sigh.  But the instant coffee is so good!!

I actually have PunchyPirate to thank, she was my swap-bot partner for a swap called “Things I can’t Live Without” and the instant coffee packets were part of her lovely package.  Guess how long it took me to try it out??  Yeah, about the 2 minutes it took to heat up a mug of water, that’s how long.  The Colombian is a medium roast with a robust and smooth flavor, just on the border of being a “strong” coffee.  If you happen to like yours a little on the weak side, just add a touch more water, that’s what I love about instant, so flexible.  I have one packet left and I’m saving that for a rainy day until I can get a hold of more!

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