If you are having trouble sleep or napping….

…try an eyemask!!  Or otherwise known as a “sleep” mask.  My teenager is always complaining that it is too bright in her room in the early mornings plus the last few weeks my husband has been working the night shift, so he sleeps during the daytime.  So I tried covering up the windows, which didn’t work too well, and thought of getting darker blinds, but that costs a lot of money.  So then I thought….eyemasks!  I had no idea where to get them, but as always I checked Etsy.com first, and there tons of listings!  They range in price, but start at around $5, so not too shabby.  I purchased mine from this store for $4 and we are very happy with them!

Essentially a sleep mask help you get effective rest as it blocks out any excess light or visual stimulation.  Did you know then even the glow from your alarm clock can disturb your sleep??  It is especially helpful for shift workers, travels, or those that need a quick nap during they day to help “re-charge” their batteries a little.  There are a few different types of sleep masks, which you can read about here(the review starts about half way down the page).

Now, I wasn’t really a believer in them, thinking they wouldn’t help much, but I figured it was worth a try.  So I ordered 2 and handed them out to my hubby and daughter.  After a few days I asked them how they worked and got very positive feedback….so I decided to try it myself, haha.  So last night, around 8pm, I was a little tired and decided to slip it on while out in the living room, relaxing in the recliner.  The whole family was here and making their usual “noise”, talking, running, laughing, etc.  I kid you not, just a couple minutes after slipping the eyemask on I was drifting off to sleep, and before I knew it, 2 hours had passed me by and the kids were kissing me goodnight while I was napping!  I have a REALLY hard time napping at all to begin with, so I’m definitely a believer now!

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