Homemade Ice Cream “Blizzards” on the cheap!

Well, it’s warming up over here in MN, and by that I mean in the 60’s (haha), so of course our minds and tastebuds turn towards ice cream. And really, besides a Coldstone creation the next best mainstream ice cream fare that we love are Dairy Queen Blizzards. But, with 5 of us and Blizzards being at least $3 each…that treat doesn’t come too often. And of course I’m not one to feel left out just because of a lack of spending money, I decided to re-create them at home.

Looking online I quickly found the “original” recipe, or so it’s called, though I didn’t follow it exactly, but I rarely do, right? So here is what we found that works and is super easy, fast, and CHEAP. Did I mention cheap?? I mean, for the price of 2 small Blizzards I can buy a large pail of ice cream! Oh, and sorry for the lack of a picture, but we just ate them up too fast to even think about taking a snapshot!

So here is how I make them along with a couple tips, enjoy!

Single Serve Blizzard Ice Cream Treat:

  • 2 large scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • 1 TBLS of milk OR 1 TBLS of chocolate syrup and 1/2 TBLS of milk
  • a couple drops of extract (optional)-this might be good for a tropical blizzard, maybe a touch of coconut extract?
  • your favorite mix-ins-chopped up candy pieces, brownie chunks, nuts, chocolate chips, frozen cake, fruit, etc…


  • Put the ice cream in a tall cup. You could use a bowl as well, but I find the cup works best as the ice cream doesn’t have much room for “escape” or sliding around.
  • Add the milk and chocolate syrup, if you are using it. Take a large and strong spoon (one that won’t bend) and start working the milk and chocolate syrup into the ice cream. You know, smooth it, stab at it, stir it. I like my Blizzards really thick, so I try to work fast and don’t add too much milk. If you like yours a little softer/thinner you can add more milk.
  • When the ice cream is almost how you want it, put in all of your mix-ins and stir until just blended. ALL DONE!!
  • If the mix is too soft for you, just pop it in the freezer for 30-40 minutes or so and re-mix quickly before enjoying.

One thought on “Homemade Ice Cream “Blizzards” on the cheap!

  1. Nice substitute!

    We’ve got a fantastic within walking distance mom and pop seasonal place. Sure, there’s a DQ, too, but I prefer local mom and pop or nothing.

    This will help satisfy those cravings as we get through the winter!

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