Awesome Meatballs for Subs and Spaghetti!

photo submitted to recipezaar by "Caroline Cooks"

Spaghetti is a popular yet complicated dish in our household, as between the 5 of us we can never seem to get it to where everyone is happy with it! The sauce is too tart, too tomato chunks, meatballs not meat sauce, and the list goes on. Honestly, it’s one of the very few staple dishes I keep taking a stab at, as I REALLY want Spaghetti to work out for all of us because I love it myself!

So this past week I gave it another go, having finally found a sauce that everyone seems satisfied with (a store bought version that I do a lot of doctoring to) and I wanted to add in some great meatballs. Not just any meatballs, but GREAT ones…ones that you “write home about”. I of course went to recipezaar (where else do I go, right?) and searched for “Italian Meatballs” and decided to try the highest rated recipe, Kittencal’s Famous Italian Melt In Your Mouth Meatballs.

So I gave it a try….and WOW, these were yummy!! They key to making these taste great is to cook them IN the sauce itself, from it’s raw state. They are so flavorful, just the right degree of tenderness, and would be awesome in meatball subs! If you are doing subs try using a canned spaghetti sauce, as it will thicken well and get a bold “tomato-y” taste. The thick sauce will hold up well on the bread and be bold enough in flavor that you won’t have to add too much.

Just a quick word of caution…these dissapear fast! My younger daughter never really cares much for meat or meatballs, but this time around that is ALL she want to eat, forget the noodles! Also, if you find your sauce has become too concentrated, just add back in some of the water that evaporated during the cooking process. I followed the recipe exactly except used a fresh slice of chopped bread and Italian Seasoning, as I didn’t have bread crumbs or Oregano & Parsley on hand.

So we are getting pretty close to finding a recipe that everyone likes! We all love the meatballs, spaghetti noodles “daddy’s way”, which is a good dose of lemon pepper, Italian Seasoning and shredded Muenster cheese, and we are getting darn close on the sauce (that’s a secret for another day). Honestly, with our personal touches and these awesome meatballs I think ours comes out tasting just as good, if not better, then the restaurant versions. Give this a try with your favorite sauce, you won’t be disappointed!

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