My Christmas Day Menu

It’s so funny, but really the holidays are just as busy for me as any other….I’m just trading “work” time for “kitchen time, lol.  It’s a good thing I don’t mind cooking and I know how much the family looks forwards to an extra-special menu.  This year is going to be a mix of traditional favorites along with a couple new items, like mock Beef Wellington and Brownie Trifle.

I was watching the moving Julie & Julia the other night with my teenager, and one of the dishes mentioned was beef wellington, and she was like, what’s that?  So I explained to her that it is was basically a cut of beef wrapped in dough and with gravy and she said it sounded great, and really it does and I’ve always wanted to try it out.    Of course, we are on a budget and I have a very picky 10 yr old, so I decided on It Tastes Like Beef Wellington which of course is not the traditional, but my son’s taste palette just wouldn’t like the “real” thing; the wine, mushrooms, pate, etc.  I plan on making them into individual beef “patty” wellingtons and drizzling them with Kittencal’s Beef Gravy, also a new recipe for me but I’ve tried her other stiff and she’s a good cook 😉  The last new item will be dessert, Brownie Trifle.  I really wanted something simple but pretty, and of course something that everyone would eat!  I’ll of course be using my own made from scratch brownies and I may blend a little cool whip into the whipped cream just to lighten it up a little.  Oh, and I’m sure we’ll have a simple Green Bean Casserole or maybe an Almond and Cranberry Salad with sweet onion dressing for veggies and I do plan on making these Mashed Potatoes , which are always a huge hit.  So that takes care of dinner!

So what’s for brunch?  Because really, I only cook 2 meals.  Well, the kids always look forward to the Stardust Chocolate Pancakes, which I only make twice a year, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  I like them with fresh strawberry sauce, but the kids are die-hard “syrup” fans.  I’ll serve that up with a a side of fresh cut fruit and Sausage and Cheese Pie, so good!

It may sound like a lot, but many of the items are pretty simple to make and the ingredients are easy to find/get.  Whatever you may have planned for your Christmas menu, just make sure it’s not too overwhelming so that you can relax a bit too!  And if you are on a budget, like many of us are, try creating a menu around simpler ingredients or ones that you already have on hand.  Also, consider what you will need to buy and if it is possible to make a “homemade” version.  You’d be surprised how easy it is to make certain items at home!

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