Simple treats to make & EAT with the kids

If your kids are anything like mine, they love vacation from school but get “bored” easily! So it’s definitely NOT a vacation for me trying to keep them occupied and entertained, lol. One thing we like to do over Christmas break is to bake something….anything! There is just something about the holiday season that has us all flocking to the kitchen to make something sweet, and even better, a sweet treat that can be shared at family get-togethers. Now, I don’t have pictures for all of these, but they are all recipes that we’ve tried before in the past and simply love. Easy enough for the little kids to help with, and tasty enough that everyone will be raving and asking for the recipes!

So here’s our list of simple yet tasty treats that everyone can help make and eat 😉 And of course my own personal notes, though I’ll try to keep it at a minimum!

  1. Oreo Truffles-if you don’t have a food processor the cookies can be crushed in a ziploc bag. Make sure the cream cheese is room temp so it is easier to mix in. I highly recommend a “coating” chocolate such as Ghiradelli’s baking and coating chocolate (I get mine from Sam’s Club) as it coats so much easier and nicer then chocolate chips, even a chocolate “Bark” would work.
  2. Mexican Wedding Cakes-aka “snowball cookies” – to prevent them from spreading too much, we always roll them into balls and freeze them before baking.
  3. Any “No-Bake” recipe – these are GREAT for little kids, as they come together quick and can be eaten almost immediately! Most of them call for melting chocolate or flavored chips, peanut butter, or honey, as that is the “binder” that keeps everything together. You’ll also find that oatmeal, not flour, is the main ingredient in many of these. I especially love Special “k” bars or peanut butter rice crispy bars.
  4. Puppy Chow-aka chex cereal mix – I warn you now, it’s messy to make but so good to eat!! If you have the time, toast the cereal in the oven just a little, it adds a little more crunch and depth of flavor to the final product.
  5. Brownies– ok, I don’t have a specific recipe for you, but it REALLY depends on what KIND you like and what ingredients you have on hand. Fudgy, cakey, only cocoa powder, only real chocolate, etc. Just read the descriptions a little as well as the reviews and pick one to try! But if you really need a specific one that is easy and uses simple ingredients, the “whatever floats your boat” one is good and is so versatile.
  6. Mmmm….trifles! Personally I don’t think us Americans make enough of these, and I don;t know why! They are usually VERY easy to make, as you just layer the ingredients, and they are so pretty!! We love the “strawberry cheesecake” trifle and it never lasts long enough for anyone to get seconds…and if you’re too slow you don’t get any! I also love them because they can be easily tailored to your tastes and ingredient quantities.
  7. Cookies- cookies are always a favorite, just make sure to pick a simple drop or “scoop” cookie, much less fuss then the “roll-out” kind. I always use a cookie scoop to measure and ball out the dough, then freeze them before baking (keeps them nice and thick). has thousands of recipes, so sometimes it’s easier to use the “filter by ingredient” tool to find a recipe that will work with what you have in your pantry. I also always use parchment paper to bake the cookies on, as it makes for easy clean-up and is naturally non-stick, so not greasing or buttering in needed.

There are so many other great recipes out there that I’m sure I’m not even touching on, but this should give you and the kids a good start!

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