The little luxuries that get me through the day…

little luxuries found on Etsy

In the story “the tortoise and the hare” I’d definitely be the tortoise…slow and steady. I may not make much of a “splash” in my everyday life and in how I handle things, but things get done and I’m persistent and dedicated, if nothing else. So it goes without saying that in my spending habits I’m much the same…just a few items for myself here and there and usually fairly inexpensive. I’m not into anything big, flashy, name brand, yadda yadda. But I do like my little “luxuries” here and there, which brighten up my day a little and make me feel just a little pampered. They are all things that I need/use daily anyways, so I don’t feel bad, haha.

First, I always start the day off with a good cup of coffee, not for the caffeine but for the flavor! I love extra tall mugs, so I have a few in the house just for coffee drinking. I also make sure to have nice-writing pens, perhaps the kind that come in 4-6 packs, and always in pretty colors. I admit it, I LOVE color, all shades, the more the better. I was always the who walked extra slowly by the department store make-up counters, not because I wanted to buy anything, but I just loved all of the colors! Then I have a pretty to-do list notepad that I grabbed off of etsy, as well as pretty journals , yummy smelling lip balms and sample-sized soaps. And the slippers!! It’s funny how we’ll spend $50+ on 1 special night out, but skimp ourselves on things like a good pair of slippers, even though we wear them daily…does that make sense to you?? For a while I was on a Happy Feet slipper spree (super thick slippers) as our previous home had concrete floors downstairs and that’s where we worked, but since moving we have pretty plush carpeting and it’s time for me to find something different…

In any case, these little luxuries may not make a measurable difference in my work output, but they sure do improve my mood and make me feel just a little pampered throughout the day.

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