Gift Cards at a Discount or for FREE!

If you guys are anything like me, I like to have my Christmas shopping before December hits!  This year the kids have asked for gift cards to their favorite stores, which I’m more then ok with as I do have a couple other “surprise” gifts for them that I can wrap up and put under the tree 🙂  The thing with gift cards though is that you can’t really  exercise your bargain-shopping muscle…or so I thought!  Being the seasoned eBayer that I am, I decided to look on eBay to see if anyone had some for sale to the stores I wanted….and they did, but they were selling for so close to the actual value that I decided to keep looking around.

Well, while searching on google I found TWO sites solely dedicated to buying/selling/trading gift cards at a discount!! Of course what is offered is limited and changes often, as it all depends on what others are trying to sell or trade at the moment, but it’s definitely worth looking into!  Last night I was able to pick up a gift card to Hot Topic for my teen (she loves the belts and accessories there) at a 17% discount. Pair that with one of the frequent buyer cards I have filled out, which gives you 15% off your entire purchase, and that’s a decent savings!  So, what are these sites you ask?  They are and I purchased the Hot Topic one from and the shipping was FREE, no hidden charges.  Just make sure to check the card details carefully, for expiration dates and/or any restrictions it may have.

Okay….so moving onto the FREE part.…which technically my husband says isn’t free as they are redeemed with your credit cards “points”.  But hey, I might as well cash in the points and since no money is exchanged, that’s close enough to “free” for me.  So if you happen to have a credit card that rewards you with “points”, go see what they have for you to cash them in for!  Last night I got  a Target and a JCPenney gift card for the kids, PLUS Bath and Body Works sent out a great offer in the mail! So if you get their promotions, don’t throw this one away!  It was for 1 FREE item with any purchase of $10 or more, up to a $13 value.  It just happened to be one of the stores on my younger daughters list of places she wanted a gift card to, so God blessed me with that one!  The only thing is, it has to be used by Dec. 24th, so it will be an early Christmas present 🙂



2 thoughts on “Gift Cards at a Discount or for FREE!

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