The Cheapest “homemade” Doughnuts EVER…aka “Chinese Buffet” Doughnuts

5 cent doughnuts - aka "Chinese Buffet" sugar doughnuts

5 cent doughnuts - aka "Chinese Buffet" sugar doughnuts

I’m not really sure what the best part of going to a good Chinese Buffet is…I mean there’s the appetizers with  large bowl of sweet n’ sour sauce on the side, then there’s the plump and moist chicken satays (at least they are moist at our favorite buffet!), and of course the fact that I do NOT have to cook or wash dishes is a huge bonus…but I’s have to say as a “sweets” person, the sugared Asian doughnuts are definitely at the top of the list, or darn near close to it!   Especially since the world of doughnut-making is not one I’ve ever ventured into before, so it’s not like I can just make these at home whenever the craving strikes…or can I?!?  Before we go further, I just have to point out a couple of things.  One, if you’ve never tried an Asian buffet doughnut before, they can be quite addicting.  Two, my daughter has been known to sneak 7 of these into her mouth, even though dad though she had only had 3 and cut her off there….little did he know.   And finally, these are so darn CHEAP and easy to make it is INSANE!  If you have a hard time walking away from these at the buffet line (for those that have tried), I caution you…think twice before trying this out, as once you make them, there’s no looking back!

And really, just HOW cheap are these?? 5 cents.  Ok, maybe 10 cents once you consider the cost of the oil for frying.  But come on….where can you get a hot and sugary Asian doughnut for a dime?!?  The best thing is, it is only two ingredients….so simple it should be illegal.

1 ) buy a can of generic/cheap/on sale regular buttermilk biscuits. Our grocery store had the Pillsbury brand on sale for 50 cents a tube, with 10 biscuits in a tube.  That’s 5 cents a piece!

2) Use the smallest pot you have (to save on oil) and place it on your burner over medium to med-low heat (about the temp you would do scrambled eggs on).  Add in 1/2 – 3/4 inches of frying oil, whatever you have on hand.    Allow the oil to warm up for at least a few minutes so it gets to the right temp.

3) Once the oil is hot, just plop a biscuit right into the oil, it should start frying/bubbling immediately.  If it doesn’t, quickly fish it out (to not waste your 5 cent doughnut, haha) and either let the oil heat up a little longer or turn up the heat a notch if you think it is too low.

4) Fry these up 1-2 at a time, whatever will fit in the small pot.  Once the bottom looks nice and golden brown, flip it over to finish cooking.  Place the hot doughnuts onto a plate lined with a paper towel for a few second, just to soak up a little oil.  Then simply put the doughnut into a bowl full of sugar and shake it around a little to coat it, flipping it once if needed.

That’s it!!!

2 thoughts on “The Cheapest “homemade” Doughnuts EVER…aka “Chinese Buffet” Doughnuts

  1. This is such a great recipe. I did it by using some dough I had already made and stored in my freezer, but I didn’t change anything else and oh my goodness ladies and gentlemen….these were just like the ones at the restaurants! Delicious and great for a last minute hors d’oeuvre. It really tied my Asian inspired dinner together.

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