Ultra-cheap Ribbon for Crafting, Weddings, etc…

My last post on Holiday Baking on a Budget got me to thinking about ribbon, and how the perfect kind/color just makes gift really stand out.  I mean, you could pack something in a regular ol’ brown kraft box and it would look spectacular with a fancy ribbon encasing it.   I remember a couple years back for Christmas wanting to put the perfect bow on every package and going out to find the perfect ribbon…which was spendy, but at the time I felt it was worth it.  In any case, I do have a cheap source for ribbon already, but wanted to see if there was another place out there with a wider/different variety, what the heck, right?

In my search I stumbled upon www.bbcrafts.com, which has TONS of ribbon, tulle, and wedding favors.  It’s really geared for the wedding crowd, but really, anyone looking for good ribbon at a cheap price will love this site!  I haven’t ordered from them yet, but plan too in the near future, as I love ribbon and like having a variety of colors on hand for wedding favor requests and such.  Looking for a great gift for the crafter on your list?  Try getting them a variety of gorgeous ribbons, they will love it, promise.

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