Sour Cream & Buttermilk Substitution

As a baker I often run into recipes that call for sour cream or buttermilk, as they keep things moist and tender.  Now the sour cream we usually have on hand, but then again we do love it with our chips and baked potatoes, so often time we are out too.  As for buttermilk, I NEVER buy it, as the only time I would ever use it is for baking, and I guess I just don’t make things calling for it often enough to justify buying it.

Of course, that being said who can pass up a buttermilk scone, sour cream banana bread, or buttermilk pancakes??  Surely I’m not going to be held back from trying out these recipes, no way!  So I found a great substitution for both buttermilk and sour cream, and honestly I think it works just as well and use it often, even if there’s sour cream sitting in the fridge, LOL.  Besides, the substitution is healthier and a little cheaper.  So what is it you ask??

Simply milk + vinegar OR milk + lemon juice.  I’m not sure where I found this originally, either on the internet or I think a friend told me a while back… In any case, I often use the milk + vinegar (white) combo, as lemon juice is a bit more precious and costly 😉  I’m not sure how other vinegars would work, I’ve always used white as ‘s what we always have.

As for proportions, I never really measure it out, but I’d say it is roughly 1 TBLS of vinegar to 1 cup of milk, and I always use skim as that’s what we drink.  I’ve used this to make my famous scones, IHOP copycat pancakes (so good you don’t even need syrup), double chocolate whole wheat banana bread, and so many other things!! It obviously is thinner then sour cream or buttermilk, so if you need to go ahead and cut down on it just a little compared to what is asked for in the recipe 🙂

And for those of you who are wondering….yes, I think you could use buttermilk in place of sour cream for most baked goods, and vice versa.

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