Who says you have to eat Cake on your Birthday??

M&M Blondie "cake"

M&M Blondie "cake"

I know this is hard for some to believe, but there ARE people out there who don’t really care for cake…or frosting.  My son happens to be one of those, and really, it’s no tragedy as he eats plenty of other desserts, LOL.  But I just thought it would be good to point out that just because it is someone’s birthday does NOT mean they have to have a cake!  We are so trained to link the 2 together, birthdays with cake, that sometimes we forget there are so many other substitutions out there!  And really, if it’s about celebrating the birthday boy or girl, shouldn’t we be serving them something they will enjoy eating??

So I for one break out of the “birthday cake for all birthday’s” mold at least once a year for my little boy.  In the past he has asked for a scone-cake and cookie-cake (make them really large and round so you can get candles on them), and this year I’m making him a huge M&M blondie cake 🙂  Whatever it is you are baking up, simply make it in a round cake pan so you can still get the general shape of a cake, maybe even make a couple layers and sandwich something in-between them!

A couple tips:

  • since brownies, blondies, and cookies tend to be heavier/denser then cakes, they can have a little trouble getting out of the pan in one piece.  Make sure you grease the sides well and bake the batter on a circle of greased parchment paper.
  • wait until it is completely COOL before trying to remove it.  In fact, I suggest letting it cool on the counter and then refrigerating it for 2-3 hours.  Run a sharp paring knife along the edges and gently tap the pan to loosen the sides.  Since it is on parchment paper, it should come out fairly easily.
  • you could also make the scone-cake or cookie-cake right on a cookie sheet.  If it is a cookie, just make sure you choose a batter/recipe that doesn’t spread too thin and you may want to pre-shape it into a fat “patty” and freeze it before baking to help pre-vent it from getting too thin.
  • also try whoopie pies, sweet breads (like banana, lemon or blueberry bread),  muffin mixes….the possibilities are endless!

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