Hello…can you hear me now?!?

Ugh…the only thing worse then someone not being able to hear me (I swear my family suffers from selective hearing) is me not being able to hear AT ALL!  Last week I was unfortunate enough to get some water lodge in my ear canal and all of of a sudden everything sounded muffled….uh-oh.  So in a slight panic I ran for the bag of q-tips to try and dislodge whatever was causing my lack of hearing, no luck.  I was like this for days…half hearing, talking softly (so my hubby says) which made it hard for others to hear ME, and desperately trying the ear drops to get things cleared up.  Still no luck and I sweatr, but day 3 I was one crabby woman.  You just don’t know how bad a slight impairment can really affect your life until you’re living through it!

Ok…so on day 4 my husband decides to look remedies up on the internet, as it was obvious the ear drops were not helping one bit.  What he learned was this:

  • Q-tips are the enemy
  • blocked ear passages can take days to clear
  • warm water works best (or olive oil, but I didn’t try that)

It is so ironic to me that q-tips of all things make things worse, as most people purchase them specifically to make their hearing *better*.   But thinking about it, it does make sense.  I mean, if your ears are plugged, especially with water, shoving a q-tip in there would only make things worse and jam it in further!  so, what do you do??

Well, for some the over the counter ear drops, like Murine, will work decent, however many people feel it is a bit caustic to your ear canal and make it more sensitive.  I can attest to that, as it did make my inner ear more sensitive and tender, though I wouldn’t say to the point of *hurting* or anything.  Others online have said that using olive oil instead of Murine works well to soften up ear wax, though I haven’t tried that personally.  What i did try though was warm water, which actually worked!  Of course it took a few attempts over a period of a day or so, but the nice thing about water is that it won’t harm your ear and it’s FREE.  Simply use a rubber bulb (the ones for flushing out your ears) to suck up some warm water, then fill the plugged ear with it, making sure to lie still for a few minutes to allow it to work.  Drain the ear and repeat a few more times during the day.  After a few applications like this the wax inside should be fairly softened, so you can try flushing it out with the water bulb  at this point.

Now, to be fair I had already used Murine for 3 days, so i’m sure that contributed at least a little to the success of letting me hear again, but honestly I think it was the warm water application that really did the trick.  I had tried flushing my ear out daily while using the Murine and it never helped, or at least it didn’t seem to!

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