More Butter & Cheese, if you please!

I love cheese, and so does my family.   As far as butter goes I don’t use much for eating, heck I don’t even butter my toast or veggies.  However, as a baker, I can’t do anything without it!  Both of these items are always in ready supply at the stores, but not always at the best price.  So, how do you take advantage of those rock-bottom sale prices?  FREEZE IT.  I know it sounds like a no-brainer, but it took me a couple decades to realize this simple solution.  I know some will tell you not to freeze butter, but I’ve done it plenty of times and haven’t noticed a bit of difference.  No need to re-package it or anything, just throw the boxes right into the freezer.  I don’t really know how long butter needs to thaw, but I’ve used it within a day of taking it out the freezer and it was just fine.

Now, as far as cheese goes, I’ve only frozen the blocks.  I cut it into 1 pound portions and then place each portion individually into ziploc/freezer bags.  The trick to thawing cheese is…patience!  They have to go thru a slower thaw then the butter, so stick it in the fridge about 2 days before you need it.  I’m sure you can freeze shredded cheese as well as it works fine on frozen pizzas 😛

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