Mom, why are my meatballs SQUARE??

well I’ll tell you why, it’s because I wanted to make meat”balls” without all of the work, that’s why!  I know that sounds sort of lame, but time is precious when running 2 business from home plus taking care of AND entertaining the family and pets!  I love the idea of meatballs, and the taste, but it does take time to roll each one out and to cook on all side, to make sure the very middle is done, etc…  So what do I do?  Oh, I mix up the meatball mixture as normal, whatever kind that may be and last night it was Swedish meatballs.  Then I place all of the meat mix into a large frying pan and flatten it out, like making 1 HUGE hamburger, LOL.  I pretty much cook it just like a hamburger as well and once I flip it over i let it cook for a couple minutes before using my spatula to cut it into squares.

And there you have, my meat”ball” shortcut…a little gooft looking but still the same great taste in my opinion and half the work!

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