Budget “family fun night” ideas

It’s summertime and kids are bored, what to do right? Well, unless you have money coming out of your ears, it can be difficult to think of something new and “fresh” to do on an almost daily basis! I personally am all in favor of having an “events calender” for the family activities, as it helps to schedule our days PLUS it gives the kids something to look forward too. Heck, even trips to Target or something like that are sort of scheduled, but be careful doing this too, as kids won’t let you forget it or let you off the hook!

Here are some of thing things we do to mix things up a bit and keep things fun πŸ™‚ Hope you find a couple good ones in there for your family!

  • fun for all ages “treasure hunt”-make a list of random generalities and get hunting, make sure to have a prize ready for the winner! example-something round, an item with black AND white in it, something over 10 yrs old, made of wood, a slippery item, etc…
  • movie & snacks night-finger foods and treats (let them pick out 1/4 pound of candy in the bulk candy section of your grocery store, or a box of candy from the dollar store), and of course popcorn-check your local library for FREE rentals, or $1 a night rentals
  • baking or making crafts for family or loves ones as gifts
  • camp-out in the back yard-smores, hotdogs, flashlight tag and sleeping bags….and bug spray!
  • having a picnic at a near by lake or park, bring a couple of outdoor games along too!
  • go to a local High School concert, event or play
  • “dining out” evening at home- re-invent a favorite restaurant meal, there are tons of good recipes online!
  • check the local paper for events, free shows and fund raising events,
  • leave the car behind….walk to a local place for a quick treat, or purposely park your car a few blacks away so you and the kids get a chance to actually BE outside!
  • teach your kids a new skill in a fun manner, turn it into a game and it’s a win-win situation πŸ™‚
  • check out some “how to” books on something your kids are interested in, then help them with a project.

Have a few ideas of your own?? I’d love to hear about them!

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