Hidden Treasures & Summer-proof Goodies in the Mail

Pinwheel Cookies from the Kraft site-Click on it for the recipe!

Pinwheel Cookies from the Kraft site-Click on it for the recipe!

It still amazes me how much STUFF we have around the house as we are in the process of packing and moving. What’s even more amazing is how much of it we can do without, as obviously we haven’t needed it the past 2-3 years as it never got un-packed from our LAST move. It’s a tedious process really, going through everything and downsizing by choice…though at times it feels as if it’s a “need” considering how much clutter and stress it brings about! And if you live like how this sounds, give yourself at least a month to try and get rid of everything, especially if you plan on trying to sell a lot of it online or at a garage sale. I’m looking forward to the day when everything is in it’s place, we are not overflowing with useless oddities, and our home can finally be a place of spacial peace and comfort. And of course I’m hoping that day comes within a month or so, that should be enough time to set up the new house and put things away, right?? Well, we alway have our hopes and dreams, haha.

On a business note, the summertime months are here….which means tough going for all of those sending chocolate in the mail! But don’t fret, you can still share homemade goodies with loved ones without too much worry of meltage, just switch over to things that are not chocolate based or covered. For example, once we get settled in the new place I plan on launching a line of flavored and upscale cut-out cookies. Think butter cookies, shortbread etc…the harder tea-time cookies that will stay fresh a few weeks and look great of a serving platter. You can still infuse them with chocolate flavor, but there are many other noteworthy flavors for the summer, especially citrus! So explore your baking skills a bit further then chocolate, you just might surprise yourself and the loved ones that you send the goodies to! Just remember to pack them fairly tightly, so they don’t get jostled around too much and break.

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