Don’t throw out that junky suitcase, pets need a bed!

up-cycled suitcase made into a cat bed

up-cycled suitcase made into a cat bed

As I was looking for pet beds for my puppies on Etsy, I saw the CUTEST re-cycled/up-cycled cat bed make out of an old suitcase! Now I don’t know about you, but as soon as I saw it I was like “I have an old suitcase in the garage!”.  For once it’s a good thing my parents are packrats! By looking at the picture I assume it’s a matter of un-hinging the 2 sides and then taking the power tools to it to drill a few holes and then screw in some legs from the hardware store or from the flea market. If you don’t have an old suitcase I’m sure there are plenty to be found at all of the flea markets or garage sales going on right now! I tell you what, these babies have lots of character and it sure beats paying a ton of money for all of those commercial pet beds!

For those who have 2 cats, try stacking them by putting a smaller suitcase bed on the top, like bunk beds! How cute would that be?!?! Yup, I hear “hubby, I have a project for US!” coming on real quick here…

Oh, and speaking of recylcing, seeing as that is the theme of this pet bed, how about using those REALLY old towels as a cover for bed pillow? Come on, you know you have one and even if you can’t sew just wrap an old pillow inside the towel, or don’t use a pillow at all and just put the folded towel into the suitcase, kitty and puppy will love it either way!

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