Low-Carb Garlic Cheese “Bread”

Finished Garlic Cheese "Bread"

Finished Garlic Cheese "Bread"

This has got to be one of the simplest low-carb recipes out there, and really tasty too!  I find that different brands of string cheese turn out differently, and by far I think the kind from Sam’s Club tastes the best for this.  This makes a great snack, or try dipping this into spaghetti or pizza sauce, yum!  While you’re at it, make up a couple for those around you as well, or they will end up eating yours…who doesn’t like cheese, right??

The trick to getting the right “crust” at the bottom is to use a pan that is not too slippery and DON’T use any sort of spray or greaser.  In fact, I use one of my oldest pans for this where the non-stick coating is now non-existent, this creates a nice burnt crust, just the way I like it!

String Cheese cooking on the pan

String Cheese cooking on the pan

Low-Carb Garlic Cheese “Bread” recipe:

  • string cheese (how ever many you want)
  • garlic powder
  • dried oregano


  • Put a pan on the stove and warm it up to medium heat, maybe a touch higher.
  • Un-wrap the cheese sticks and lay right onto the un-greased pan, allowing it to cook for at least a few minutes.  When they are getting close to done the bottoms will look burnt and the cheese will just about lose all of it’s “round” cheese stick shape.
  • Right towards the end sprinkle on some garlic powder and dried oregano, take off the pan and eat immediately while hot.

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