A Candy Bar Disguised as Yogurt!

That’s right, you heard me! My seemingly “healthy” yogurt (well and really, all yogurts are pawned off on us as being “health” food) threw me for a loop when I decided to actually ready the nutritional label. I was SHOCKED that it had MORE sugar in it then a Snickers bar…and I should know as hubby keeps some in the freezer! Now I know obviously that yogurt is less fattening, but honestly, sugar can be just as bad and will turn into fat is you don’t exercise. I for one and not an physical exerciser, I’m simply a mental one. Then I also see that it has high fructose corn syrup in it….no thanks. For those of you wondering what the heck I bough, the name rhymes with “go-play”, it’s a popular brand, won’t take you lnog to figure it out.

So before you stock up on yogurt the next time you are at the grocery store, make sure to peek at the label! I’m going back to Dannon for myself (low sugar and no HF corn syrup), it’s good and I certainly don’t feel as guilty eating it! Besides, I love their flavors and that’s the brand I use for plain yogurt when I’m making my Fish Taco sauce, which goes well with so many things! Speaking of that sauce, just found out this weekend that it goes really well this Rice, Pepper & Pea Salad my sister in law made, so good! I’ll post the recipe for that soon!

4 thoughts on “A Candy Bar Disguised as Yogurt!

  1. Truly shocking! Who knew. Not good for dieters who think they are eating healthy by eating a yogurt. I was wondering if the “go play” was the original or the light version. If I buy yogurt cups, I get the light version. Otherwise, I mostly make my own. Much tastier and healthier too.

  2. Sue-it’s the original version, I should check out the light and see what the difference is. Though the corn syrup is still something I try to avoid if possible, I figure I get plenty of that elsewhere as it seems to be in everything! what recipe do you use to make your own?

  3. It’s easy! It’s not literally made from scratch. I buy the 32oz container of plain yogurt. I prefer the “old home” brand. You can get non-fat and other versions. Just check the labels and choose the one that suits your diet needs.

    Pour yogurt into med. plastic bowl with a lid. Sweeten it to your taste with a sugar substitute of your choice. I use splenda, or nature’s bakers blend. Then, use your choice of fresh berries or a combination of them. Slice the larger fruit like strawberries. Just make sure to wash and dry them first. Add fruit to yogurt and stir, then eat! You can also use some canned fruits such as freestone peaches. Just drain and let air dry on paper towels. I have tried frozen berries also. It is not as good though. It is very versitile. You can add almost anything. We like it better then the store bought stuff.

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