A Cheap & Decorative Way to Stash Your Clutter

Decorative & Functional Cigar Boxes

Decorative & Functional Cigar Boxes

I’m always envious when I go to the homes of others, always so nice and clean.  Makes me where….where IS all of their stuff hidden?!?! Granted, we have more clutter then most, but we are working on slimming down a lot, especially now that we are moving!  But even with moving, I know that there will still random “stray” stuff at the new house, just hard to avoid with 5 people who aren’t the greatest at being neat.

So a while ago I realized that some people actually HIDE their clutter in nice looking boxes strategically placed on their book shelves, underneath end tables, etc.  Well, we don’t have end tables where you can slide a box underneath and all of those nice looking boxes always seem so expensive at the stores, I’m on a budget here!  This past weekend though I found 2 great items, one in the garage while we were cleaning it out, and 1 while I was perusing on Etsy for a birthday gift for a male friend of mine.  I know, how could I not know what’s in my own garage, right?  It’s a long story, but essentially it was buried underneath all of my parents stuff.

So, what did I find??  A wicker CHEST! Now, it’s not pristine, but certainly still in good shape and usable and I KNOW my dad got it second hand, as it still had a hand-written price label on it of $15.  Our family loves to cuddle up with blankets on the couch, so a wicker chest would be a perfect place to stash those in the living room.  Heck, even all of the board games we own would go great in there, just so many uses for something large like that PLUS it looks nice as a decoration.

Now my second find of Cigar Boxes is more for small items, but wow, would they look great stacked up somewhere!  I’m thinking the living room, some for the bathrooms, the bookshelf, for craft items and tea bags, all sorts of things and places!  I’m amazed at how inexpensive these are and each brand has it’s own look and design, like a piece of artwork.  Now this type of recycling I can handle!  They have more “manly” ones such as the ones pictured above, but there are also many Victorian inspired designs and yet others with more intricate detailing.  They come in all sorts of colors, some are made of wood while some are made of super sturdy cardboard.  Some are embossed, some have decorative papering, etc…

I found 2 great shops on Etsy that sell these, and actually just purchased a random lot of 12 boxes for a mere $25, and that includes the shipping fee!  Functionality, character, affordable…how could you go wrong??  Even if you were to pick out the specific ones you wanted, versus the random lot I chose, they are still cheap!  To see some examples and price ranges try going to the Etsy shop named Cigarboxes or Evilmommy.  Now I’m sure there are many other places to get these, but Etsy is where I first found them and I prefer to support the home crafters 🙂

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