Who does your spending support?

unique-hand crafted-artesian offerings

unique-hand crafted-artisan offerings

This has been a focus and topic matter between my husband and I for a few years now, where we spend our money. At first he didn’t really see my point, but once he started working from home I think he began to see what I was saying. As someone who is self-employed I am faced with the daily struggles of working from home and ultimately I realize what it takes to “make it work” to the point where it can support a family, like a full-time job. So for years now I’ve been trying to seek out and support small start-up business, mom-and-pop shops, and business that I know are run out of a house, just like ours. It’s not that I have anything against the “big boys”, I just feel my dollars have a bigger impact on those who are running their business off of sweat, tears, and their own personal savings. Business where there are no big corporations or investors to back them up, just lots of personal hours and lots of hard work!

Since I’ve been on Etsy.com, only about a week or so now, I’ve realized just how much TALENT there is out there and how many are trying to make a little extra money by using their God-given crafting skills! I am just in awe at the beauty that so many can create with their hands and trade tools, it makes me envious! The appeal of these home crafted items goes beyond just the “personal touch” and love you can sense in the work, as I also know the vast majority of these items are unique! Many crafters will customize your order according to your request, but even if they don’t, you know that whatever you are getting is not mass produced and being purchased by 10,000 other people!

So I encourage all of you to give Etsy a try, especially if you order a lot of things online. The process of ordering off the site is simple and clear, and all of the sellers have feedback that you can view or an email for you to contact them at if you have any questions. As a crafter of sorts myself, I know I take a lot of pride in my work and often will go the extra mile to make sure the client is happy, and I would confidently say that many other sellers follow the same code of conduct.

2 thoughts on “Who does your spending support?

  1. Here, here! Nicely said too. Ive been on Etsy for 4 weeks now and I love seeing the boundless creativity and skill that oozes out of Etsy at every (almost) page.
    Buy handmade and you support the creativity that is divine! 🙂

  2. I love your felt birds! Great job on all of those sales after only a month, how exciting for you! I’ve made it a personal challenge of mine to look for gifts on Etsy before I hop over to other sites 🙂

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