The simple pleasures in life-I love Spring!

I’ve always said it, I’m not much of a winter person.  Which then leads people to say, “then why live in MN?”  Well, sometimes you just can’t help where you were born and where your roots are, you know?  If anything, living here and enduring the l-o-n-g winters has taught me to appreciate Spring just that much more, and it’s always been my favorite season.  Well, that and my birthday is in the Spring, though these days it doesn’t seem to matter as much as when I was younger.  Plus it’s a great state in so many other ways, it really does have a lot to offer and if I ever do leave MN I know I miss it a lot.

So why exactly do I love Spring so much?  Well, I begin my day around 7am, and in the Spring time the sun is already up and shining through the windows.  Then there are the birds chirping and it is just warm enough to head out to the deck (with my sweatshirt and slippers) to enjoy my coffee and the view.  It’s just so peaceful in the mornings, I love it!!  In fact, sometimes I have 2 cups of coffee and bring a book out just to prolong the visit out to the deck, heh.  Then I start dreaming about a garden, and at the rate I am going I probably won’t tackle that project for another 10 years or so, but it’s still nice to dream. Then there is the light breeze that flows through the  windows, which feels great and makes the house smell and feel so fresh.  By the time lunch rolls around it is nice and warm out, so I can head out the deck with a t-shirt on to enjoy my meal and a cool drink…and sometimes a quick nap on the bench we have out there.  In the afternoons my hubby will take a quick break and go jump on the trampoline with the kids while I snap pictures of them or visit with our kitties, who are always outside when it’s warm out.

One of the biggest advantages though are the longer days of sunshine, where I still have at least 2-3 hours of time for myself once dinner is over.  In the winter it just saddens me that as soon as dinner is done, if not before, the sun has already gone down…makes it feel like it’s bedtime already!  In the evenings we sometimes eat out on the deck, but if we don’t I head out there anyways to read or comb the puppies or just for a few minutes of quiet time.  Or if we really need to get out of the house we go grab a quick ice cream cone from one of the local fast food places or run errands, just to be out and about before the sun goes down.

And in the late evenings I really look forward to the cool breeze, as I sleep best when it’s a bit cool.  I love the feeling of the night air and the quietness that surrounds it, even if my hubby doesn’t!  Now I just need to figure out a state that is like this year round, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to live in, is near water (after all I live in MN, land of 10,000 lakes) and has a low crime rate…any ideas??

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