I wish I had a mans metabolism!

My teenage daughter and I were on our own for dinner tonight, as hubby was out of town for the evening….and you what that means, we went out to eat! Hey, I cook 2 meals a day, sometimes 3, so a break now and then doesn’t hurt, right? Anyways, we found ourselves at Taco Bell, I had some crunchwrap thingy and she had a gordita and a soft shell, so we weren’t pigging out or anything. Next thing you know, a guy asks us if we want his last taco, as he was full and didn’t want it to go to waste. We both politely declined, but as he was walking away my teens says “did you see how many tacos he ate?? He must have had like 7 or 8, and look at how skinny he is!”. She then goes on to mention how a male teacher of hers can easily lose 10 pounds in a week and then we start talking about Dad (hubby) and how HE eats whatever he wants and doesn’t seem to gain a pound….the injustice of it all! She then starts telling me that we could eat celery and such as it’s a “negative” calorie food, as if that’s suppose to make me feel better.

If genies really existed, I’d use one of my wishes to request a high metabolism, truly. Imagine, never dieting again or thinking about calories etc…think of all the Fish Tacos I could have without guilt!

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