I finally took the plunge!

catalogtrufflesWow, it has been a crazy few days here.  Our teenager is on spring break, so we’ve had sleepovers galore and it feels a bit like Grand Central Station!  In the midst of the fun-fest it is a bit hard to concentrate on work, as all I want to do is join in on the laughs and movies, haha.  Oh, and staying up late!  So my routine is a bit off kilter, but something exciting did happen which has kept me busy…I finally decided to take the plunge and take the next step with my candy making.

For a couple years now people have been asking and hounding me to do something like this, but I just figured they were trying to be nice to me, you know?  I mean, these are friends, relatives, friends OF relatives (who have all gotten candy)…so they have to say a kind word, right?  But I’ve also had 2-3 business inquiries, people that I sent a small box to as a “thank-you” and then called me asking if they could order for corporate gifts and such.  Well, 2 days ago I got another request like this and I thought to myself, “well, God must be trying to tell me something and if I’m going to be selling my candy I need a catalog!”.  So most of last night I was working on a simple catalog, editing pictures and prices etc…, just so that I can have something to give to people who do ask.  I don’t really expect much to come of it honestly, but it felt good to finally put something together on paper.  I know it’s one step at a time, and I tend to walk slowly, heh.

So if you are interested in taking a peek, you can find the photos and details in my facebook album for Bliss Candies.  It only has 3 offerings at the moment-caramel squares, twisted turtles, and mini cupcake shaped cake truffles.  I plan on adding a couple more items in the near future, as soon as I can get around to making them so I can take pictures.  I love taking on new projects, so it’s exciting and fun for me, even if it doesn’t “pay the bills”.  So in the near future I plan on doing some Boxed Turtles and Pecan Pie bon bons, a signature creation of mine 🙂

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