Mini “Cupcake” Cake Truffle Bites

Mini "cupcake" Cake Truffle Bites

Mini "cupcake" Cake Truffle Bites

Ok, so a couple days ago I found Bakerella’s Flickr photos and blog, and just HAD to try out the cake pops! I have to admit, I’m a bit burnt out on them as they take a lot of effort! Not that they are not worth it, but it is definitely not something you can just “whip together” and should be saved for special occasions. I love the idea of cake truffles though, and my, are they ever TASTY. They are nothing like eating a slice of cake, so much better in my opinion. It’s amazing how you can take the exact same ingredients, but combine them differently, and what will result are 2 totally different tastes.

So since then I’ve had a bit more time to read up on her past entries and recipes….and I found the Lil’ Cuppies and her Cupcake Bites! You can find all of the instructions there to make these little cuties.

Now, these not only thrilled me because of how cute they were (I love everything miniature), but also because I knew they would be easier to make then the cake pops. Well, not only easier, but faster and cheaper too (no need for sucker sticks). Once you read up on her instructions on how to make the Cupcake Bites you’ll see what I mean! Now these could be “whipped up” and would make the cutest gifts, your gift recipient will be awed by them, I know I would be!

I personally do not have any peanut butter cup molds, which is what Bakerella used. However, I do have candy cups (like mini muffin paper cups) and lined my mini muffin tin with them. I then filled them about 1/3 of the way with chocolate and placed a large ball of cake right into it, pressing down genltly to get the chocolate to creep up the sides a little. I then dipped the tops in a contrasting color of chocolate and decorated them before the chocolate hardened. I think they turned out quite well and I’m sure they taste great…I’m trying to hold back a bit as I’ve already 2 (or 3?) cake pops today and I’m trying to cut down. I would love to try these with different cake flavor & frosting combos.

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