Not a Dollar Store Junkie? You’re Missing Out!

I remember when dollar stores first became popular, a mecca for all things junky (literally) with the occasional “diamond in the rough” finding. Honestly, most of the items back then weren’t even worth spending your hard earned money on! It was a place where those who were “financially unfortunate” would go as $1 was all they could afford to spend on anything. Well, a lot of things have changed in our world over the years, and that is true of the “dollar store” environment and offerings as well. Have you been there lately? If not, it may be worth a trip, I know it always is for me.

Just a couple miles from where I live there is a Dollar Tree store, which I think is one of the best dollat store chains around. You still have to look carefully at what you are buying, but the quality of the items they offer now are far superior to what used to be offered back when dollar stores first came into existence. In fact, I go there regularly for certain types of items, as I feel they are no different then the ones offered elsewhere, and they are a fraction of the cost. For instance, I always go there for cello treat bags (for party favors), big gifts bags, glass candle holders, craft foam blocks, general greeting cards, dog toys, seasonal items & decorations, “movie theater” size candy boxes, disposable foil pans, and so much more! Just think in your head quick, how much do you spend for all of these items at your usual place of purcuase? Do you spend more then $1 for them? If so, you may want to stop by the dollar store and see if they have something there that is comparable and save a little money! I love Dollar Tree because they have a wide range of goods, from scrap booking supplies to kitchenware, tools to bath & body items, and plenty of small gift items/stocking stuffers to keep all of the kids happy.

Happen to craft a lot or own a small business? Order supplies for your office or church? Check out Dollar Tree online, you can buy things by the case and pick them up at your local Dollar Tree, so no shipping costs involved. This is a great options for those who need at least 12+ of a certain item and don’t want to take the risk of there not being enough on the store shelves. This option is not only great for schools, camps, offices and churches, but how about for anniversary, party or wedding favors? I can think of a few things right off the top of my head that would be great for these purposes! Skip the local party store (so over priced!), and try the dollar store first! If you can’t find anything there, THEN go to the other places. It’s well worth the trip considering how much you could save!

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