FREE STUFF that doesn’t require a credit card!

I like free stuff just as much as the next person, though over the years I’ve really been turned off by a lot of the “hidden” charges from these types of offers. The kind of free offers that bug me the most are the ones that require you to sign up form some monthly something-or-another and ask for a credit card! Sure, I could cancel before the first billing cycle hits, but that’s too much of a hassle for me and honestly I’d just forget to do so and end up paying for something I never wanted in the first place and can’t afford.

It’s been YEARS since I last surfed the internet for free offers, but I thought I’d give it another shot, just for fun. I found quite a few sites and tested out, or at least looked at, quite a few offers on each site and here’s what I found:

  • Many companies do send out FREE samples, asking for just basic info (name, address, email and sometimes phone number or birth date). The best sites that I found for these types of offers were: Thunderfap, Shop4Freebies, and Sweet Free Stuff, and Free Grabber.
  • There are also many “freebies” sites that also include items that require a bit more then your basic info (so you do need to do a little more sifting though the offers), but many times it is still worth it. For example, they have included offers that may ask you to join newsletters, answer a few extra questions, refer some friends, participate in other offers (I NEVER do these!), etc. Again, there are still many offers on these sites that only need your basic info, so just read the details carefully. The ones I liked were: My Savings (requires registration with their site), and Cool Freebie Links (quite a few more offers that have requirements, but still some good “free” stuff to be found).
  • Then I found Start Sampling, where you can sign up and fill out a profile and they actually start sending you samples in the mail for products they feel match your lifestyle. It appears free to join, but they do require your participation in the fact that they ask you to give a review or rate the samples they send to you. So I guess it’s a cross between a “free stuff” site and a “market research” site, but they do also have links to free offers that don’t require you to join.

Of course there are a ton more sites out there and it goes without saying that you should make sure to thoroughly read all offers before signing up for them. Never give out info that you are not comfortable providing and keep in mind that it can take 2 months to get your free sample in the mail. Most all of the offers I viewed had a privacy policy stating that your information is not shared and many do ask you to be a part of their newsletter, but it is usually optional.

On a personal note, I did sign up for a quite a few items and am ok with plopping things into my junk mail folder or un-subscribing, should I receive a lot of spam. Many people actually set up a separate email account (aside from their main personal account) just for stuff like this, a “junk mail” account so to speak. Also, I always stray clear of all the offers that require you to sign up for another “participating offer”, as those usually end up costing money as they ask you to sign up for a service or magazine subscription, etc.

So off the top of my head the FREE samples I have coming to me are: coffee, granola bars, frozen dinners, doggie breath bones, doggie bag dispenser, microwave dessert, tin of breath mints, and fast food burger.

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