Famous in 5 Minutes & Artwork for Your Walls


Quick mural of roses-pictures taken at night time

I used to watch HGTV all the time (back when we had cable), and one of my favorite types of shows were the home decorating/re-designing ones. Of course, I’m not so sure my husband really liked me watching them, as it would fill my head with all sorts of ideas, many of which he would have to be involved with as it would require power tools. Lucky for him I was always too busy to really make anything come to fruition! I’ve forgotten most of the ideas by now, but I’ll always remember how some of the most simple artwork can really make a room *POP*. It blows me away how much good artwork to decorate the walls can cost, which is why we don’t have much up besides family photos.

This morning I happen to wake up before everyone else, so the house was real quiet and still. Usually my husband beats me downstairs, but today it was just me and the dripping sound of the coffee maker, ah…music to my ears. Outside was just breath-taking as a heavy fog sat on top of the pond in our backyard, such a beautiful scene. So I decided to grab our camera and take a few shots, as it’s not a common occurrence for me to see this sort of sight. Later on when my husband came downstairs I showed him the pictures, and at the same time I glanced at the Ansel Adams we had hanging up on the wall, a picture of rocks and mountains. Then I got to thinking, with just a little photo editing (which we know how to do) I could turn this into a piece of artwork for our wall!  Oh yes I know, I have no where near the talent of Ansel Adams, but you get where I’m going with this..  I may not be so good with paint or creating artwork from scratch, but why do I need to?? God has already provided all of the magnificent backdrops that I need!

Later on in the evening I took a rose that I preserved out onto the front and back porch and had a little fun with the camera. I’m a bit of a sentimental sap, so it was bittersweet for me to take these pictures today. It’s not just that they are beautiful in their own right, but the backdrop is of a place that is very dear to me (and my parents) that we will be moving away from soon. I plan on taking these into a photo developer to have them enlarged and will hang them up in our new home, so I’ll always remember.

Our backyard with fog over the pond

Our backyard with fog over the pond

Getting back to the point! If you feel like your room and walls need something new and fresh, try taking a few minutes out of your day to just capture some of the nature or city around you. Even the most unappealing or boring sights can take on a totally new vibrancy given a certain angle, lighting, or just try inserting something a bit out of the ordinary into the scene. When your photo editing, try doing just black and white, grey scale, or fading it out a little bit, you’ll never know what kind of masterpiece you could come up with! Then bring it into a developer to enlarge and shop for a bargain picture frame to go with it. For the frame just keep your eye open at flea markets, garage & estate sales, craft stores, etc…your bound to come across some good deals and don’t worry if it’s not in perfect shape, shabby sheek is in, right? Besides, I think it lends a bit more character to the artwork.

And here’s an idea for your kids walls-take some of their most favorite toys and place them in places where they would be if they were “real”. For example, place some of your boys cars onto actual pavement or gravel, grab some of your girls dolls and set up a play scene in the backyard or at the playground, and so on. Just think of the irony…capturing little miniatures in real-life scenes, I think they’d get a kick out of thier toys being famous! Me personally, I plan to go have a little fun with my girls Littlest Pet Shop toys by placing them around the house; mouse in the cupboard, kitties at the food bowl, mermaid staring into our goldfish tank…

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