The Lost Art of Writing Letters & other Paper Crafts

A variety set of handmade envelopes

A variety set of handmade envelopes

Once in a while I get in a real “crafty” mood, just itching to make a little gift for someone that is created by my own hands. With finances as tight as they are though, I have to be creative and use the supplies I already have on hand. I actually don’t do crafts much, lack of time and creativity I guess, but that didn’t stop me from gathering and buying quite a collection of items in the past (they just multiplied like rabbits). I loved the idea of having scrapbook items, stickers, charms and necklace chains etc…all ready for the day I would feel inspired! Funny how so many ideas and projects start with good intentions and these days my kids get more use out of the supplies then I do.

One of things I have a LOT of is scrapbook paper, in all sorts of designs. I love the idea of journaling and letter writing the old-fashioned way, with a PEN (you know, the writing instrument you hold in your hand), though these days it really seems to be a lost art. I remember the days when I used to get excited to go check the mailbox, hoping for a letter, gift, or just something of interest. Remember pen pals?? These days I avoid the mail as I know they are all bills and check my email instead over a dozen times a day (I work from home too). It’s amazing how effective a hand written letter, prettied up with a couple simple touches, can really put a bounce back in someone’s step. Just ask my teen, she’s always running out there to see if she’s gotten anything! Ah, the innocence of youth, the days when no bad news came from the post office, just smiles, candy and warm hugs.

Over Christmas I really wanted to put all of my craft items to use (for fun & we were on a budget), so I made a couple jewelry boxes for the girls and a set of 10 pretty envelopes! I had plenty of scrapbook paper and my trusty roll of double-sided tape, I was all set! If you don’t have double-sides tape just use a glue stick or even regular tape will work. Now all I needed was some envelope templates. I picked a couple out, printed them up, and traced them onto a piece of thin cardboard. I then traced around cardboard template on the backside of the sheets of paper I wanted to use, cut them out, and folded them as instructed. The double-sided tape made the project super easy, and they were so cute and pretty when finished!

So for those of you out there that have a lot of scrapbook paper laying around, this is a simple project that turns out a great & inexpensive gift for a loved one. There are quite a few other paper project templates out there, check them out. Paper crafting is also a great way to keep the kids busy for an afternoon, and there are projects out there for the boy too.

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