Take a Tip, Share a Tip, Save Money.

I was perusing other blogs today and found one that can HONESTLY save you a lot of money! It was created by Google and is called the TipJar, a place where anyone can write in a money saving tip as well as view those that others have left. Quite a few of the tips I have come across before, but there were a few news ones for me and I’m always open to new money saving ideas!

One of the best tips I found for me, as I love to read, is someone mentioned a site called Paper Back Swap. It’s a place where you can order a book for FREE, and keep it if you want, as long as you are willing to send a book to someone else as well. From what I can see there are no hidden costs or fees, though when your book is requested you have pay the postage to send it off. However, the person sending you the book you requested from them would pay the postage as well, so really in the end it all evens out to “free”. This would be a great way to get a hold of some good cookbooks, hardcovers or higher priced books! Can you tell I love to read??

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