Healthy beverage powder (Crystal Light) alternative

When I was trying to lose weight I got into the habit of drinking a lot of water mixed with Crystal Light, a low-calorie beverage powder. I don’t really like plain water all that much, so I thought this would be a good way to get more fluids in and actually enjoy doing so. Then of course I got the rest of the family hooked on it and before you know it that’s all we were drinking and I had to hide the powder packets! Then one day, for whatever reason, I took a closer look at the ingredients and I have to say…I wasn’t all that pleased! Just a bunch of chemicals and things I couldn’t pronounce, and after doing a little research I realized just how bad it was for us at the rate we were downing it. So I made the hard decision and decided to stop using it…so now what?? Yes, I could do a squirt of lime in my water but it’s just not the same.

Well, a couple months ago my husband went on a fast, but he did drink daily. Since he dislikes plain water as well, he drank watered down 100% juice! Why didn’t I think of it sooner? Back when I was using Crystal light I always made it stretch a little further, so it was a bit watered-down tasting as well, no biggie. Since I am no longer using the drink powders though, this is a good and tasty alternative! Now we have juice in the fridge at all times, and we make it just like hubby did while he was fasting, one 12oz can of 100% juice to 1 gallon of water. Keep in mind that most “normal” juice pitchers will not hold 1 gallon of fluid, but only about 1/2 a gallon (or just a little over).

Once you have a couple glasses your taste buds really do adjust to the milder taste and it’s a great way to get fluid intake up in a healthy way, no chemicals. So this is a great water alternative for kids as well, while not over loading them with sugar, chemicals or calories. Yes, there are more calories in juice then the powdered drinks, but there are also nutrients and vitamins, it’s 100% natural (make sure it is labeled as 100% juice) and made the way we do it’s not nearly as caloric as you think. Though I prefer the taste of this to plain water, I do limit myself to only a couple 6 oz. glasses a day (if that), keeping the mentality that it’s a “treat”. Part of it is for cost reasons, but the other part is I just don’t want to get so hooked on juice that it’s all I’ll ever drink!

Let’s do a quick comparison:

  • A 6 oz. serving of soda or energy drink has about 70-85 calories, while the watered-down juice we drink is about 30-35 calories. Obviously that is not as low as Crystal Light which is only 5 calories per serving, but there you’re also getting quite the chemical cocktail!
  • Cost wise, we are able to get a 12 oz. can of 100% juice for about $1.50 on sale, and it seems there are always a couple flavors at this price (so we stock up). A Crystal light powdered drink mix canister of 6 tubs makes just over 3 gallons, and at cheapest I was able to find it for was $3.99. So comparatively speaking, that’s about $1.33 per gallon. So the price difference for something 100% natural is a mere 17 cents per gallon! And of course if we do get it on sale the juice ends up being cheaper then the powdered drink mix.
  • Health wise there’s no comparison for me, I’d much rather take the 100% juice over all the chemicals even though it has more calories. I feel much better knowing that it’s all natural, and just treat it as something to drink in moderation.

2 thoughts on “Healthy beverage powder (Crystal Light) alternative

  1. Hi!

    Good to know about the Crystal light as you know I drink it often. Will cut way back and try the dilluted juice. Thanks, Sue

  2. Sue-you’d be amazed how articles there are out there on how bad drinking CL is for you, if it’s on a regular basis. We usually get our juice on sale at Cub, so check there for a good deal!

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