Honey Whole Wheat Bread-Recipe & Review

wheatbreadSince we have some deli turkey meat in the fridge, I decided to try making wheat bread for sandwiches. I had to be picky as to which recipe to try, as so many of them call for a bread maker, which I don’t have (and don’t want to buy). I know that I can hand knead it myself, but it seemed that the recipes geared towards a bread machine said to knead for 10 minutes or more…that’s just a bit too long for me! So I chose the Wholesome Homemade Honey Whole Wheat Bread RECIPE as it didn’t call for a bread machine at all, seemed fairly easy to do and it got good reviews. And though the title says it’s “whole wheat” it is actually a mix of wheat and white flours.

So, how did it turn out?

Preparation: Overall it was very simple to make, and rise time was about 2 hours total before I could get it in the oven. The only thing to note is that the combining of the honey/butter/molasses with the yeast water isn’t meant to really mix together. However, once you add in about half the flour and start stirring it will all come together. I also found it to be a little sticky for kneading and ended up adding another 3 Tbls or so of wheat flour and the kneading took 2-3 minutes at most.

Baking & Appearance: My loaf of bread took 36 minutes to cook. Once it was out of the oven I did spread a little butter over the top to soften it up, as it seemed a bit crustier then I preferred. It doesn’t bake up as high as the commercial “sandwich” breads do, so it’s a great option for kids, snacking on, or for a hearty 1/2 sandwich.

Texture and Taste: This bread reminds me a lot of the kind you would get at the Outback Steakhouse, but larger grained. It’s a little heavier then the commercial “sandwich” breads in the sense that it has a sturdy texture to it, but yet is still light and moist, making it so versatile. The honey and molasses contribute a mild sweetness, while the mix of flours is a nice balance that gives it a warm wheat flavor that is not over-powering. It works perfectly fine for sandwiches, but can handle being dunked into soups and stews or just serve a generous slice with a big hunk of cheese!

I really enjoyed this bread and will probably be making it again. I love the fact that it goes well with so many different types of meals, which means it won’t be around this house for long! It’s not dry at all, and I think the mix of white and wheat flour gives it delicious body, flavor and texture. If your still skeptical about this recipe, cut all the ingredients down to 1/4 and just make 1 loaf as a tester.

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