-Spicing it up & saving space!

spicejars2I just LOVE walking through the mock apartment set-ups that Ikea displays! It amazes me every time just how creative their space-saving solutions are and it *almost* makes me think a 500 sq ft apartment can be fully furnished and livable. It’s actually extremely hard for me to go there and not walk out without a purchase, so I’ve had to limit my visits to 2-3 times a year…and as my sister once said “a trip to Ikea without buying anything just wasn’t a successful trip”.

Well, on a budget or not, I decided that I needed to start somewhere, especially since my husband and I are going through this process of downsizing and un-cluttering our home. Though much of what we are doing helps us to save space and get rid of what we don’t need/use, the key benefit for us right now is just to become more organized. My husband will be the first to tout to you of my God-given skills and talents, but organization will never be among those. But I’ve got to start somewhere, so I decided to start with…spices!

For a while now I’ve been eying those little magnetic canisters sets that hold spices, as spice bottles get knocked over or fall out of the cupboard as I’m digging for the one WAY in the back. The price tag though of these magnetic spice racks are not so attractive if you’re on a budget. So I decided to start bare-bones, just the jars and no metal strip or sheet that comes with a “set”, which obviously makes it more expensive. I plan on sticking them to the side of the fridge and see how it goes, though I have heard that spices lose flavor if exposed to prolonged light. However, I use my spices often and go thru them fast, so I don’t think this will be an issue. I plan on trying these Magnetic Storage Jars, which comes as a 3-pack and are the most affordable pre-made ones I was able to find online.

If you’re feeling a little crafty or want a different size then the standard, you can also make your own. Lee Valley has watchmakers tins in various sizes, though keep in mind you can not “twist and sprinkle” with these, you would have to take the top off to access the spice. They also sell the strong magnets that you can hot glue to the back of the tins, and looking at the strength chart it would seem even the smallest (and cheapest!) magnet will do just fine.

The way I figure it, buying just a few jars allows me a chance to really test them out without making a huge investment. If later on I decide I want them mounted on a sheet of metal (I’d put mine on the inside of my cupboard door), you can easily find those at Home Depot or Menards. Just drill a couple holes in the corners for mounting and you’re set!

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