-hey, that’s not garbage!

I have to admit, we are a pretty wasteful family. We have a 13 gallon garbage can and hubby says he takes it out once to twice a day…most days there is just the 3 of here, so how do we accumulate so much trash in ONE day?? And it’s not just about the trash (as far as being wasteful); we forget to turn lights off, we don’t recycle, I’ve been know to throw away money (pennies, what am I suppose to do with all the pennies??!), using paper towels like they are going out of style, etc…

Well not to worry, we’ve improved our ways and now use cloth napkins in place of paper towels, I don’t throw away the pennies anymore (due to all the glares I kept getting), I do recycle some (though not as much as I should), and I chase people down with a vengeance to get them to turn lights off. But there is still the issue of the trash…

So this past week I have been really conscious of what I throw away. Can it be recycled, reused, donated, used for a different purpose then it’s original intent? You know, think crushed up eggshells as garden fertilizer or the egg cartons as packing material and such. My attention to the garbage isn’t just about WHAT is going into it, but WHY is it going there as well. Meaning, is it because it’s meant to be disposable (and in that case why am I buying into that expensive convenience), or am I’m too lazy to find out who “little plastic toy xyz” belongs to, or is it something I can break down to recycle but don’t because I have better things to do (like bake)?

If nothing else this little exercise will get me to take a hard look at what is being used or thrown and if it’s really necessary. Next challenge…why do I feel as if all I do is wash the dishes all day…

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