-Freezing my eggs!


No, no, not in the genetic “perhaps a future baby” sense, but as in chicken eggs. Now why in the world would I freeze eggs and is that even possible? It sure is! This is just one of the many changes my husband and I are making in an effort to save money and live more intentionally. Convenience is great, but in the long haul it really does cost a lot.

Backing up a little so you get the whole story, we are fortunate enough to be able to shop where restaurants do and even Sam’s Club packs quite a savings. We’re talking about cheese for $2 a pound, deli quality meat for $2.50 a pound, 15 dozen eggs for $18. Now, we’ve glanced at the eggs longingly a couple times as we do love eggs and I bake a lot, so we go through more then the average family. However, 15 dozen eggs is a lot and there is no way we could go through that many before they go bad.

A couple weeks ago though I came across this recipe of sorts on how to freeze eggs! A-HA! It’s so simple to do, though it does take a little time and effort, but we decided to try it out as we feel the savings are worth it. In the end it’s really about a trade-off for us; we could continue buying at normal prices and working longer hours to earn more money, or we could take more time to be with our family and enjoying each others company, while freezing eggs together 🙂

To freeze eggs:

  1. scramble the eggs and pour into icecube trays. We found that 1 egg=2 ice cubes.
  2. put trays into the freezer until the eggs are frozen, then you can pop them out and put them into freezer bags.
  3. to thaw them you will need to put them in the fridge about 48 hours before using, so you do have to think ahead a little.

According to the person who posted this recipe and the reviewers who made comments, the eggs freeze just fine and taste the same as long as you allow them to thaw correctly. Many people will put a certain amount into a freezer bag, say the equivalent of 3, 6 or 12 eggs. So if you have recipes that often call for 3 eggs (like brownies), or if you use a dozen eggs for Saturday morning breakfast, you can pull that bag out of the freezer quickly without counting or measuring.

TIP: We have 2 different kinds of ice trays, as one store didn’t have as many as we needed. Hubby says if you’re going to try this, do yourself a BIG favor and buy the Rubbermaid ones, they twist and pop out so much easier.

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