-Failproof gift for the boys


Over the years it has been increasingly difficult for me to think of gifts ideas for the most important men in my life, ie: husband, son and father. I mean really, how many electronic gadgets can I afford, does my son REALLY need more Legos, and doesn’t my dad already have enough socks to outfit a small village?? Honestly, we had our 2 daughters help match up all the “stray” socks just a few weeks ago and they had over 150 pairs of socks!! Boys toys pretty much fit into 3 categories: Legos (building blocks), cars, and action figures. I’m not sure if boys are suppose to be insulted by this or not…

So, I have finally figured out that the old adage of “the way to his heart is through his stomach” really DOES have merit! The answer seems so simple, but it is so true, at least for the men in my life. If it were to be an edible gift, what would they like?? COOKIES! I mean really, think about it…what man or boy wouldn’t enjoy having his only supply of delicious homemade cookies at his disposal??

For years my hubby would fight tooth and nail to keep people away from the Thin Mint cookies the Girl Scouts would sell to us once a year, so I decided to make some one day and they turned out great and hubby couldn’t be happier. Then there is his obsession with Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies with toffee bits and he’s been known to down a couple dozen Vanilla wafers in one sitting….this from a guy that claims to “not like sweets.” Yeah, right.

Just start by thinking of 2-3 of his favorite kinds of cookies and go hunting for a good recipe online, my favorite site to go to is www.recipezaar.com. Of course there are many other recipe sites out there, but if you are a novice to baking just make sure it has good reviews and read them all before starting. I find that reviewers have great tips on how to improve the recipe or words of wisdom on how to simplify the process.

I’ll be doing a post a bit later on all of the baking tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years, as I do bake quite a bit. But for now, just wanted to throw the idea out there for those struggling to think of a good gift idea. Remember, it doesn’t need to be something fancy to be appreciated, a simple box or cello bag with a little ribbon is all that’s needed and most recipe can easily be cut in half, or just give away the extras to other loves ones!

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